International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 1, Issue 6 (2016)

YouTube usage and academic engagements of information technology students in Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Author(s): Patricia DJ Bahian
Abstract: YouTube creation has superficially dominated the mainstream online video site in century impacting better involvement of users in socio-cultural, political, academic, and other relevant trends. This study was conducted to determine the YouTube usage and academic engagements of information technology students in Zamboangadel Sur province, Philippines. Simple random sampling in selecting sample campuses and respondents to answer the validated research tool was carried out to establish necessary data which were treated through statistical software. The study showed that the only venue in accessing YouTube is internet café. Constraints on the use of this social mediawere school facilities, ICT skills and trainings of laboratory staff, power supply, and internet connectivity. Activities such as sharing and utilizing images and video content or clips, viewing and downloading electronic resources and materials, and connecting, subscribing, and sharing innovative ideas or conceptswere observed as common interest to incrementsocietal and scholarlyknowledge. Choosing video material presentations, developing various skills in selecting forms of arts and entertainment, generating interest and reflections, getting a sense of control and personal success, appreciating updates and outputs, submitting IT related outputs, learning how to operate, evaluate, and use information with efficiency and accuracy, experiencing the cost-free of information content, valuing individual and group work, demonstratingcontinuous interest and valuing usefulnessof developed outputs from the academe, inspiring schoolmates to do better outputs, refraining from tardiness, absences, and dropping out, creating personal well-being, and learning to participate actively in class discussions were major benefits of YouTube to the respondents. Considerations on free access of this platform in schools,raisecomputer literacy of IT staff, outline evaluation criteria of YouTube videos, and other important effective strategical measures from teachers and institution could be considered to foster these positive contributions and thus avoid inimical usage.
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