International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 1, Issue 6 (2016)

A study on consumer buying behaviour towards branded retail outlets in India

Author(s): Amrita Sahney
Abstract: Retailing in India came with evolutionary patterns from kirana store to super market. Initially it was un-organized, and after that it is carried forward and now it is growing organized sector such as supermarket, hypermarket, malls etc. The paper tries to find out the preference of the customer towards organized retail sector and how customer behaves at the time of product purchase. On the basis of research review of existing literature researcher shows that the availability of quality, retail space, wider availability of products and brand communication are some of the factors that are driving the organized retail in Indian will directly or indirectly affect the preference of the customer. This study shows that some of the specific elements like product information, customer involvement, atmosphere, customer attributions and choices play important roles during various stages of the customer decision process. So customer are now showing preference for shopping malls, enable them to shop variety of products under one roof with shopping experience in term of ambience and entertainment.
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