International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 1, Issue 6 (2016)

Role of family in geriatric care in modern phenomenon: An overview

Author(s): Kavitha S, Dr. Kumudini Achchi
Abstract: Old age is considered as age nearing to death. Old Age is called as Second Childhood Period. (Uma, 2010). Family is the main concern during old age, Family acts as a social safety net for the elderly is fast eroding in India. Joint Family system holds a unique place in Indian society to care and support in physical, psychological, social, emotional, cultural and economic aspects. With the advent of the industrialization, urbanization and modernization, radical changes in the society, mainly affected Indian traditional joint family system and care of the elders was slowing shifting from family to society. A study was conducted to understand the role of the family in care and support of the elders during present day phenomenon. The descriptive and explorative research design was adopted to carry out the study. Interview schedule as a tool adopted by using Family Environment Scale to elicit data from 60 elderly respondents living in joint or extended family system in Mysuru district of Karnataka state. Simple random sampling was used in selecting the respondents and Descriptive statistics was used to analyze data. Study reveals that level of cohesion, level of acceptance and caring, level of independence and recreational orientation in the modern nuclear family is fast eroding due to the impact of industrialization, modernization, westernization, employment of women on par with men etc., affects the geriatric care in physical, psychological, social, cultural, emotional issues modern family system. Social work profession is considered as useful profession in addressing the issues relating to geriatric care. Application of social work methods such as Case work, Group work, community organization and Social work researches can be conducted in focusing on the unraveled areas and help to improve the family care to care and support elders at the end of the life span.
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