International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2016)

Internet dependency on academic assessments – A study among engineering college students

Author(s): Hoby P M, Arulsivanantham P, Junath N
Abstract: The use of internet has become a viral in educational field especially in completion of assessments. The main objective of this study is to analyse the use of internet in preparation of the assessments among engineering college students of different academic levels and to see the pros and cons of using the internet oriented student assessments. The methodology adopted was a survey based upon predefined questionnaire to achieve the objective among university engineering students. The study was conducted among the students with a random selection of 1000 students from engineering college. The research questions to be answered in this study were (i) how the utilisation of Internet does differ from male students to female students for completing assessments? (ii) What are the Pros and cons of utilization of internet for completing assessments? (iii) How the utilization of Internet does differs from First year students to Final year students? Regarding the advantages of the internet utilization 47% of respondents mentioned as ease of work, 49% observed that its time saving, 34% mentioned search engines/tools and 48 % mentioned that the major advantage is having lots of information. Maximum responses received mentioning the multi-tasking (57%) and the chances of plagiarism (52%) as the major disadvantage. The statistical analysis made in Origin pro with the data gathered and the response percentages on each queries from the respondents. At 0.05 level, p-value > alpha, it is concluded that there is no significant difference in the male and female student responses. Similarly the ANOVA results indicates that the year of study have a significant effect on the approach towards the utilisation of internet.
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