International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 1, Issue 8 (2016)

Regional disparity in India

Author(s): Kusam rani
Abstract: Regional Disparity is a major economic issue in India. Had the benefit of economic growth been reaped equally by all the regions of the country the demand for new states and other regional conflicts might have been non-existent here. Hence a big thrust for inclusive growth has remained a cherish goal of our policy planner. Regionalism in Indian polity has deprived the inaccessible and mountain dominated region of the country from the various amenities of life which are enjoyed by the people of plain region. Geographically, the forward group of States fall in the Western and Southern parts of the country. The group of backward States are in the Eastern and Northern parts of the country. Another notable geographical feature is that while six out of eight States, except Haryana and Punjab, in the first group have vast sea coasts, only two out of the seven in the second group viz., Orissa and West Bengal are littoral. These relatively forward states have taken the benefit of their geographical position and international trade has benefitted them. While the forward group of States accounts for about 42 per cent of the national population, the backward group accounts for as much as 54 per cent of the population of the country. In terms of natural resources including mineral wealth, water resources and quality of soil, the latter has definite edge over the former but remain themselves hi and dry from enjoying the benefits.
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