International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 2, Issue 6 (2017)

Restructuring in Nigeria: Resources control as a panacea for reducing militancy in the Niger delta region

Author(s): Imongan Ernest Omokhoa
Abstract: The issue of resource control is an integral component of federalism/true federalism. Since Nigeria operates a federal system, it should be restructured along this line. The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the issue of resource control as a panacea for reducing militancy in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria within the context of federalism which is a fundamental principle for resources control. The methodology adopted for the study is the qualitative techniques to generate relevant data for the research. The paper also examined a brief analysis of the shift in policy derivation and militant agitations as a strategy for resource control in the Niger Delta. This is so because several attempts by successive Nigerian government to pacify the people of the region through various intervention programmes did not yield the needed result including the recent introduced Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) has not lived up to its expectations as the exploitation, deprivation and environmental degradation with the emergence of militant activities persist as the agitations for resource control continued in the region. Therefore, the paper recommend that the only way to resolve resource control issue amicably is for Nigeria to be restructured to guarantee fair and equitable distribution of resource that is allowed to benefit all. Since resource control can only be achieved via constitutional amendment.
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