International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Effect of green inhibitors in high carbon steel at different temperatures

Author(s): S Hembrom
Abstract: Corrosion control of metal is of technical, economical, environmental and aesthetical importance. The use of inhibitor is the best way to prevent metal and alloys from corrosion. There is an intensive effort underway to develop new plant origin corrosion inhibitors for metal subjected to various environmental conditions. These efforts are motivated by the desire to replace toxic organic corrosion inhibitors used for mitigation of corrosion of various metals and alloys in solutions. Plants represent a class of interesting source of compounds currently being explored for use in metal corrosion protection in most systems, as possible replacement of toxic synthetic inhibitors. The green corrosion inhibitors are bio degradable, non-toxic, environmentally benign, and low cost, are obtained from renewable resources with minimal health and safety concerns. Investigations of corrosion inhibiting abilities of tannins, alkaloids, organic amino acids and organic dyes of plant origin are of interest. Development of computational modeling backed by wet results would help in understanding the mechanism of inhibition action, their adsorption patterns, inhibitor-metal surface interface and help in the development of designer inhibitor with an understanding of the time required for the release of self-healing inhibitors. The present paper restricts itself mainly to the plant materials as “Green Corrosion Inhibitor”. Corrosion is a major problem in this modern industrial era. So the corrosion control of the metal must be technically, economically, eco-friendly and aesthetically equally important. Corrosion Inhibitor creates a barrier between the metals (alloys) and corrosion. These efforts are motivated in order to replace the toxic organic corrosion inhibitors used for the protection of the metals from the corrosion.
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