International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Is digitisation the key to opening blue oceans in India: A case study of OLA Cabs

Author(s): Wilbert Dsouza, Vineetha K Thomas, Ullal Sachin Kini, Shubhantika Padhi
Abstract: India houses more than 1.32 billion people, second only to China meaning there is abundant demand for new products and services that are capable of enhancing experience and more importantly convenience to the people. The Indian market when it comes to most industries is highly saturated with several players, both domestic and international, whether it is the FMCG Industry or the Service Industry. But with changing times in the country, a new medium to conduct traditional businesses has shown promise: creation of digital intermediaries in what has been traditional services being conducted for years. This digitisation has the potential of opening up uncontested market space in the form of blue oceans. Whether its Ola Cabs which was founded in the year 2010, or Big Basket founded in 2011 these companies have been able to completely change the Indian market by simply allowing people to access the same services they have always been able to, but through their phones and computers. The area is highly inviting to new entrepreneurs as its as simple as finding an old service and playing the role of facilitating the meeting between demand and supply. The country now hosts innumerable number of start up geniuses who have redefined the playing grounds and opened up uncharted market territory with one simple act. VC Gopalratnam, CIO of CISCO talks of the digital economy as the third industrial revolution, or digital revolution with immense capability. Goldman Sachs predicts India could be the second largest economy by 2030 with India’s new leadership considering the digital economy as a major growth enabler. Ola, a company launched first in 5 cities now boasts of presence in 4 countries with a global customer base of 125 million with 5.9 million Monthly Active Users and over 1 million users; all by making one simple connection and making the first mover advantage.
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