International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2019)

Socio-economic condition of Thiruvathavur region: As gleaned from Thiru Marai Nayanar Swami Temple inscription (C.E.1170-1578)

Author(s): P Usha
Abstract: The main objectives of this paper are to describe the socio-economic life of the people in Thiruvathavur region. Belongs to major dynasties namely Cholas, early Pandyas, lader Pandyas and Nayak rulers. Inscriptions backbone of Medieval Tamilnadu History. Thiruvathavur has sixty inscriptions ranging from C.E.1170 TO 1578. Thiruvathavur region is rich in inscriptional evidences. Madurai was glorifies as Athens of South India. Thiruvathavur which lies 24 kms distance to the north-east of Madurai and 8 kms south of Melur. It is situated picturesquely on a fine tank across which is a beautiful view of the Alagar hills 2. The road runs along the embankment of this village called Pandyapattanam. Sangam poet Kapilar and the Saiva saint Manikkavasaka were born in Thiruvathavur. Thiruvathavur village is a famous religious centre since early Sangam age. This temple inscriptions are found in many parts of this temple there are encraved on rock’s boulders, walls of temples, pillars and loose slabs. Two Tamil Brahami inscriptions datable to 200 B.C.E. are noticed on a natural Jain Cavern. These records belongs to a long span of time starting 12th Century C.E. to 16th Century C.E. This village formed part of Thenparappu Nadu in medival days. As the temple of the Tamil country were well administrated by the efforts of the monarchs and local authorities during the Pandya period. The temple of Thirumaranayanar were not exempted from search a practice. There was a Brahamana Sabha and other grades of temple official who under took the temple administration of Thiru Marai Nayanar through the ages. The social stratification was not uniform in Tamilnadu people belonging to different caste and communities such as brahamana, Kudikal, Idaiyar, Kollar, Tacher and Kaikolar lived in Thirumaranayanar brahmadeya settlement. Agriculture is a principal occupation of the people in the Thiruvathavur village. Thiruvathavur Temple, reveals the fact that the socio, economic and political life of the people who lived during the Medieval period in the Thiruvathavur region. There for inscriptions also reveal the relation and interaction between different communities in the area.
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