International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

The analysis of interleukin-6 with pneumonia patients in Rewa region

Author(s): Sandhya Singh Rathor, Dr. Rashmi Arnold
Abstract: The present paper deals the analysis of Interleukin-6 with Pneumonia patients in Rewa region. In this study Interleukin-6 has been analyzed to associated with the Pneumonia. The average concentration of Interleukin-6 was 22.1±1.9 pg/ml and 5.1±1.71 pg/ml for patients and control respectively. The statistical analysis of this difference in the average concentration of Interleukin-6 between the two groups was analyzed by t-test and the P < 0.0001 levels were found to be statistically significant, the value of t-test was t=143.2 with the degree of Freedom 998. Median value for patient and control group was found 17.41 pg/ml and 3.6 pg/ml respectively. The standard error of mean was found 6 pg/ml and 2 pg/ml for patients and control respectively. In the current study, the concentration limit of interleukin-6 was found in 3.02-54.12 pg/ml patients and 3.80-5.92 pg/ml in healthy control.
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