International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Studies on combined chemo-mechanical pretreatment on fish waste for biofuel production

Author(s): P Sivaanuma, K Pandi, T Ramalakshmi, P Ramesh
Abstract: In this experimental study chemo-mechanical pretreatment is carried out for 3 hours and samples are collected at equal interval of time. The pretreatment efficiency is evaluated based on COD solubilization and SCOD release, protein and carbohydrate. The fish waste sample was collected and homogenized using convectional mixer for uniformity of the sample. Then the effective disperser 14000rpm was optimized in 60 minutes and the optimized chemo disperser rpm will be combined with 1N of NaSO4 to achieve desired sample with dosage variation between (25 – 100) µL and 30 minutes were found. The higher COD solubilization 18% and SCOD release at 2950 mg/L was achieved. Then the bio fuel assay will be conducted to evaluate the pretreatment performance. Finally, the biomethane production was found with the release of SCOD, COD, protein and carbohydrate were found to be maximum. The combined chemo disperser pretreatment of fish waste were found.
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