International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

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Status of women in India: From Ancient to modern age
Pages: 01-02  
Role of spirituality in stress management and human happiness
Pages: 03-05  
Affective aspects of risk management in banking industry
Pages: 06-10  
A Comparative Study of Attitude towards Physical Activities between the Girls of Selected Government and Private Schools of Bilaspur
Pages: 11-12  
Rhetorical figures as embellishing faculties of Ted Hughes’ compositions
Pages: 13-16  
The effectiveness of student teams-achievement division (STAD) cooperative learning on mathematics achievement among school students in Sarikei District, Sarawak
Pages: 17-21  
Dendritic cells are emerging as a critical cell type that is correlated with basic cancer immunobiology and also be considered as potential targets or at least as key players in any effort intended to generate therapeutic vaccines
Pages: 22-25  
Positive biofeedback of erythropoietin by enhancing nerve regeneration and functional recovery
Pages: 26-29  
Local urban governance and citizen participation in planning: Experience from Ethiopia
Pages: 30-34  
Effect of complex training with yoga practices on selected motor fitness variables and playing ability among kabaddi men players
Pages: 35-40  
Reuse of treated grey water in irrigation
Pages: 41-48  
Treatment on industrial effluent by using activated carbon prepared from animal horns as adsorbent
Pages: 49-54  
Treatment on synthetic effluent by using limestone and granular activated carbon for removal of ammoniacal nitrogen
Pages: 55-63  
Treatment of domestic wastewater by pre-composting tanks
Pages: 69-73  
gzikp ftZu fe;kB y[de[PhnK dk tZXdk o[MkB
Pages: 74-75  
Herbal formulations used in Badwani district (Madhya Pradesh) India
Pages: 76-80  
A study of increasing incidence of delinquency in India and causal factors
Pages: 81-85  
The She-Tragedies of Marsha Norman: Twentieth Century American Drama
Pages: 86-90  
Assessment of the water quality of flood plain wetland (Beel) using fish protozoan parasites, west Bengal, India
Pages: 91-96  
Difference between batsman and fast bowlers in relation to grip strength, back strength, leg strength and flexibility in cricket
Pages: 97-99  
Compare self-concept traits among individual and team games at inter-college level
Pages: 100-101  
श्रीमद्भागवत् में पुरुष का सगुण रहस्य
Pages: 102-102  
Effect of yogic practice and calisthenics on hormone Triiodothyronine (T3) in physical education students
Pages: 103-105  
Outcome of yogic practices on resting pulse rate of middle aged men
Pages: 106-107  
इक्कीसवीं षदी के उपन्यासों में सामाजिक सम्बंधों की समीक्षा
Pages: 108-110  
Social concern as a theme in the selected novels of Munshi Premchand
Pages: 111-113  
Role of IQAC in quality enhancement in higher education
Pages: 114-118  
Mahesh Dattani’s “Final Solution”: A play based on communalism and its consequences
Pages: 119-120  
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