International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

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Vocational education in India
Pages: 01-07  
Antibacterial activity of ginger (Zingiber officinale) and garlic (Allium Sativum L.) extracts on Escherichia coli
Pages: 08-11  
Railway protection system using Lm-35 sensor
Pages: 12-15  
Economic prospectus of emerging tourism in Kashmir valley
Pages: 16-19  
Application of knowledge of bioinformatics for food safety and production
Pages: 20-23  
Fiscal management and economic growth of India during global crises period
Pages: 24-29  
A study on customer awareness and knowledge towards organic products with special reference to Ramnad district
Pages: 30-33  
The struggle of Munoo in Mulkraj Anand’s Coolie
Pages: 34-35  
User awareness: About databases & online resources
Pages: 36-39  
Design of DC-DC converter circuit for solar photo-voltaic cell
Pages: 40-43  
Methods of groupıng ın a flıpped classroom model: Effects on students’ achıevement in differentıal calculus
Pages: 44-50  
Analysis of factors affecting job satisfaction of the employees (Monetary and Non-Monetary Fringe Benefits) in public and private sector
Pages: 51-56  
The wiles of woman: In the shadow of materialism
Pages: 57-59  
Manufacture of geopolymer fly ash bricks using class C fly ash
Pages: 60-67  
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of HVAC system in auditorium
Pages: 68-72  
Computational flow analysis in combustion chamber of CI-Engines
Pages: 73-78  
Study of environmental awareness among post graduate students of Punjab University, Chandigarh
Pages: 79-81  
A study to assess the effectiveness of pranayama on asthma among patients with asthma in Narayana medical college hospital, Nellore
Pages: 82-84  
Human rights and social work: A study of two disciplines
Pages: 85-89  
Development of leadership potential amongst higher education students in Kashmir – An evaluative study
Pages: 90-94  
They play an incredible role in improving the public transport system in Kerala: A study based on the satisfaction level of KSRTC passengers
Pages: 95-97  
WTO: Trading with developing countries, facing challenges & opportunities
Pages: 98-103  
Design of plus shaped fractal antenna for RTLS application
Pages: 104-106  
Shashi Deshpande: Handling of English language
Pages: 107-112  
Guıdance and Awareness on zika virus to Protect community
Pages: 113-115  
Comparative study of Anxiety and Aggression level of hockey and football female players
Pages: 116-117  
A study on the trend of luxury hotels
Pages: 118-121  
A comparative study of urban and rural colleges of education towards teaching practice programme
Pages: 122-125  
E-Waste management for sustainable development of environment
Pages: 126-129  
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