International Journal of Advanced Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4030

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Specialized hyper spectral image compression using 3 dimensional factorization technique and its thriving performance analysis
Pages: 01-04  
Latest development in image feature representation and extraction
Pages: 05-09  
Ionic liquids as green solvents in herbal extraction
Pages: 10-12  
Universalization of elementary education under different schemes
Pages: 13-15  
Performances of MGNREGA on improving the rural livelihood patterns: A case study of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 16-23  
Improvisieren bildung durch mehrsprachigkeit
Pages: 24-25  
Stomach disease intelligent tutoring system
Pages: 26-30  
An intelligent tutoring system for teaching the 7 characteristics for living things
Pages: 31-35  
Role of value based education in the cultivation of human values
Pages: 36-37  
Response surface methodology: An important tool in optimization
Pages: 38-40  
A study on aggression among adolescent in rural and urban area
Pages: 41-47  
Perceptual analysis on quality management practices in select engineering educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh from the beneficiaries’ perspective
Pages: 48-57  
Adolescent status in India: A data analysis
Pages: 58-63  
Teaching the right letter pronunciation in reciting the holy Quran using intelligent tutoring system
Pages: 64-68  
DSE-Tutor: An intelligent tutoring system for teaching DES information security Algorithm
Pages: 69-73  
Learning computer networks using intelligent tutoring system
Pages: 74-78  
Shelf-life study of salt and garlic treated smoke-dried Mastacembelus pancalus (baim) during different storage condition
Pages: 79-85  
Wonderful bronchodilatory indigenous plant (adhatoda vasica): A phyto-pharmacological profile
Pages: 86-90  
On the positive Pell equation y2=102x2+33
Pages: 91-96  
The politics of poverty in India
Pages: 97-98  
Creating organization culture for employee engagement
Pages: 99-105  
भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन में शहीदों का एक अध्ययन (विशेष संदर्भ, आष्टि गाँव, वर्धा, जिला, महाराष्ट्र)
Pages: 106-109  
संत निश्चल दास के साहित्य में गुरु का महत्व
Pages: 110-111  
CSR after companies act 2013: A case study of Bharti Airtel
Pages: 112-115  
Evaluating the factors influencing customer purchase intention in online shopping
Pages: 116-118  
भारतीय लोकतंत्र के बदलते परिवत्र्य
Pages: 119-120  
तबला वादन की बंदिशे एवं बंदिशों में निहित सौन्दर्य
Pages: 121-123  
Tectorigenin modulates immune responses via augmenting TH1 and TH2 immune responses
Pages: 124-129  
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based Mechanism of flow through solar dryer duct
Pages: 130-134  
Service management and marketing A Customer relationship approach
Pages: 135-137  
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