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A study of mental health and coping among women with coronary heart disease and women without coronary heart disease
Pages: 01-03  
Challenges to maintain work life balance with reference to Degree College Teachers of University of Mumbai
Pages: 04-07  
Impact of GST on Indian pharmaceutical industry: An overview
Pages: 08-11  
Influence of ‘GST’ on the fast moving consumer goods
Pages: 12-15  
Impact of ‘GST’ on e-commerce and Indian economy
Pages: 16-19  
Anthropogenic impact on avifauna near protected forest areas: A case study of Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar districts, West Bengal
Pages: 20-25  
Perspectives on elder abuse in India: An overview
Pages: 26-30  
Semiconductor optical amplifier assisted all-optical switches in parallel optical computation: A review
Pages: 31-35  
Management and prevention of historic monuments with respect to environmental issues in India
Pages: 36-44  
Corruption and its prevention
Pages: 45-49  
Importance of soft skills in teaching and learning
Pages: 50-52  
Role of environment in International business
Pages: 53-56  
Need of motor fitness components for hockey players
Pages: 57-59  
Strategic Planning & SWOT Analysis
Pages: 60-62  
Perception towards Income tax E-Filing: An empirical investigation
Pages: 63-67  
A descriptive study of demonetization and its impact on Indian economy
Pages: 68-72  
Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2): As a therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases
Pages: 73-77  
Current state and problems of the treatment of giant postoperative ventral hernias Literature review
Pages: 78-83  
Indian English in the age of globalization and ELT challenges in India
Pages: 84-87  
Managing customer experience in banking sector: A study of public and private sector banks of NCR
Pages: 88-96  
Nonlinear effects in semiconductor optical amplifier useful for optical computation and data processing
Pages: 97-100  
Employee training and development in banking sector
Pages: 101-104  
Class-system and social conflict in sons and lovers
Pages: 105-106  
Majoon-e-Dabeed-ul-Ward protects lung cells against ethanol-induced cytotoxicity
Pages: 107-111  
Underdevelopment of general insurance: Understanding consumer side
Pages: 118-123  
The impact of welfare programmes on women education in Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 124-129  
Crimes against women and their constitutional and legal safeguards in India
Pages: 130-132  
A case study of socio economic attributes of layer farming in Haryana state
Pages: 133-137  
Bank recapitalization in Indian context
Pages: 138-140  
Modern Conception of Justice and Early Buddhism
Pages: 141-146  
Life satisfaction of college teachers
Pages: 147-150  
Construction of Special Dio 3-Tuples from 2-5-298 - I
Pages: 151-154  
Analysis of physiological & psychological variables and playing ability among different levels of selected handball players
Pages: 155-161  
Role of education for empowerment of women in Kashmir
Pages: 162-168  
Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding menopausal problems and their remedial measures among middle aged women
Pages: 169-174  
Agricultural credit in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 175-179  
Abdul Karim khan: As a builder of kirana Gharana
Pages: 180-184  
A study on fauna of Kaziranga national park
Pages: 185-188  
Seismic performance of flat slab shear-wall-core building
Pages: 189-195  
Inclusion properties for some subclasses of analytic multivalent functions involving generalized integral operator
Pages: 196-199  
Gun ownership and individual self-preservation in United States
Pages: 200-203  
Grappler Rajender Kumar: A case study
Pages: 204-205  
A study on dietary pattern of patients with hypothyroidism
Pages: 206-208  
Socio-medical characteristics of osteoporosis among postmenopausal women in Kashmir
Pages: 209-211  
An experience of teaching to the tribal teacher-students at Mudo Tamo memorial college, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
Pages: 212-214  
Retail industry and its growth in India
Pages: 215-219  
Religious orientation among parents of differently-abled children: A study of Kashmir valley
Pages: 220-227  
Efficiency wage and match frictions in a two-sector general equilibrium model
Pages: 228-230  
Availability of health services in Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 231-238  
Problems and prospects of sericulture women entrepreneurs in Andhra Pradesh: An analytical study
Pages: 239-243  
Self-Actualization in Anita Nair’s Mistress
Pages: 244-245  
Food security in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 246-248  
Mobile phone usage and its effect on health among university students
Pages: 249-252  
A study on pre natal and post natal health care service among the soliga tribal women with reference to Chamrajnagar district Karnataka
Pages: 253-255  
Impact of industrial noise pollution on human health: A case study in the Pulwama district of J&K state
Pages: 256-259  
The role of chemotherapy in prophylaxis of the liver echinococcosis recurrence
Pages: 260-261  
Characterisation of pond water quality in the freshwater intensive culture of Indian Major Carps (IMC)
Pages: 262-268  
A descriptive study to assess the knowledge and knowledge on practice regarding peripheral intravenous infusion among GNM (nursing) 3rd year students at AMT School, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu
Pages: 269-271  
Effect of locus of control and reading practices and choices on the use of internet resources by college students
Pages: 272-275  
A brief history of myths truce architecture and enrichment of ancient Olympic Games
Pages: 276-280  
BRICS: Underlining the prospects and growing challenges
Pages: 281-285  
A study on ad hoc networks for multipath routing protocol
Pages: 286-290  
Impact of social networking sites: A conceptual study
Pages: 291-293  
Application of morphometric analysis of third order basin for geo-hydrological studies using geospatial techniques: A case study of upper catchment of Kumari drainage basin
Pages: 294-304  
Magic realism in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day
Pages: 305-307  
Academic stream, scientific attitude and learning styles
Pages: 308-312  
Health related quality of life among adolescents
Pages: 313-318  
A kinetic study on the complexation of Cu(II) with α-Aminobenzoic acid
Pages: 319-328  
Women empowerment: Status and challenges (A study of Haryana State)
Pages: 329-333  
Socio-economic condition of self-help groups’ beneficiaries: A case study of block Sirsa
Pages: 334-338  
A study of job stress of secondary school physical education teachers in relation to their gender and type of schools
Pages: 339-341  
Impact of employees work life balance in selected organisation
Pages: 342-345  
The role of financial markets in economic growth: An Indian perspective
Pages: 346-351  
Ultra structural deformation of plant cell wall under heavy metal stress in Arabidopsis thaliana
Pages: 352-358  
Developments during adolescence: A critical transition phase of human life
Pages: 359-363  
Corporate social responsibility: Challenges and Initiatives in India
Pages: 364-367  
Indianness in the poetry of AK Ramanujan
Pages: 368-370  
Discretization and artificial neural network approach in resistance spot welding of aluminium alloy AA6063 T6 sheets used in automotive applications
Pages: 371-377  
Brexit and Immigration: Tectonic shift in Indian IT sector
Pages: 378-382  
A bibliometric study of world research output on Dalit literature during 1969-2017
Pages: 383-388  
Breastfeeding and weaning practices among the Dogra women of the two villages of district samba (J&K)
Pages: 389-391  
Analysis of depreciation with income tax
Pages: 392-393  
Efficient web mining using clustering techniques for better page searching by enhancing web log data
Pages: 398-403  
Should informal sector be subsidized
Pages: 404-406  
Phrased based T2 model: A review of Google translate, Bing translator & Anusaaraka
Pages: 407-411  
Financial challenges faced by homestay owners in heritage tourism destination with special reference to Cochin City
Pages: 412-417  
Awareness and satisfaction of ICDs services availed by women beneficiaries of Raipurani block (Panchkula)
Pages: 418-421  
Factors affecting financial inclusion: A case study of Punjab
Pages: 422-426  
Study about various latest attacks and vulnerabilities to the web application and implementation of major concerns using new paradigm
Pages: 427-430  
Trans-boundary water resources of Afghanistan and water sharing relations with its neighbours
Pages: 431-436  
Greengoldowainfoline: A bamboo database of Kokrajhar BTAD, Assam
Pages: 437-438  
An investigation on the flexural strength of retrofitted RC slabs with polypropylene fibre reinforced polymers (PPFRP)
Pages: 439-442  
Design and fabrication of seed feeding attachment in power tiller for Agricultural purpose
Pages: 443-445  
A study on investment preferences amongst teachers of higher education institutions in the city of Mumbai
Pages: 446-448  
Transformation and business emergence of Indian ICT sector with reference to Indian ICT policies
Pages: 449-452  
Development of social infrastructure of primary school in Karnataka: An over view
Pages: 453-458  
Water quality status of Kotwal reservoir Morena district, Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 459-466  
Constitutional and judicial implications relating to the management and disposal of bio-medical waste in India: a critical study
Pages: 467-475  
Lichen litter decomposition impact on soil nutrients, Kumaun Himalaya, India
Pages: 476-479  
Assessment of distribution of different forms of potassium in soil
Pages: 480-482  
Goods and services tax: An indirect tax
Pages: 483-485  
A study on English teaching learning method in a Hindi medium school in Nadia district of West Bengal
Pages: 486-489  
The working of national rural health mission & rural development: A sociological study-with special reference to Hiriyur Taluk of Chitradurga district: A primary data analysis
Pages: 490-492  
Education in globalized world
Pages: 493-494  
HR branding: Transforming the thinking in Indian industry
Pages: 495-498  
Economic potential of Pir Panjal region in J&K state
Pages: 499-502  
Constitutional provisions made for the improvement of the status of women
Pages: 503-506  
Digitalization & its impact on Indian economy
Pages: 507-509  
Swot analysis of Nike shoes
Pages: 510-512  
Spectroscopic (FT-IR and FT-Raman, UV, NMR, NBO and NLO) Analysis and DFT Computations of 2Chloro-5-Trifluoromethyl Pyridine
Pages: 513-524  
Infant feeding and wash practices in Aizawl district, Mizoram
Pages: 525-527  
Determination of six unit cell parameters of 1-Tosyl-2-Ethyl Pyrrolidine
Pages: 528-530  
Design and fabrication of diesel tank safe guard model for heavy motor vehicles
Pages: 531-533  
Misuse of free speech in cyber world and conflicting rights
Pages: 534-537  
Governing a tourism destination: A conceptual framework
Pages: 538-541  
Forest resource depletion and its impact on the Mising Women of Assam
Pages: 542-546  
The dynamics of urbanisation in Ludhiana city
Pages: 547-550  
Significance of export credit system in India
Pages: 551-553  
A study of genetic characterization and fungus diversity
Pages: 554-559  
Role of Afghan women in Peace and Nation - building in Afghanistan
Pages: 560-565  
Emergence of the middle class
Pages: 566-567  
Molecular docking, Spectroscopic, NLO, NBO and antimicrobial analysis of (Z)-3-(3-bromophenyl)-1-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one
Pages: 568-576  
Restructuring in Nigeria: Resources control as a panacea for reducing militancy in the Niger delta region
Pages: 577-580  
R . C Matrices: A journey from 3-D to n-D
Pages: 581-592  
Impact of street restauration on the populations of bouaké (Côte d’ivoire)
Pages: 593-598  
India’s position in human capital formation in education infrastructure at global level
Pages: 599-606  
GST & cooperative federation: Through the eyes of Indian constitution
Pages: 607-610  
Consumption pattern and knowledge related to ill effects of salt tea (Noon Chai) among rural dwellers in Kashmir
Pages: 611-617  
East-West Conflict in The Vendor of Sweets by R.K. Narayan
Pages: 618-619  
Characterization of waste material in the Construction of rural Roads
Pages: 620-623  
Attitude towards science of secondary school students in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 624-628  
Barriers to e-commerce adoption: an exploratory study of MSES in selected districts of Punjab
Pages: 629-634  
Comparative study of job stress of female teachers working in colleges of Punjab and Rajasthan state
Pages: 635-637  
Creating a sustainable business environment through customer satisfaction in hotel industry
Pages: 638-643  
Improved intrusion detection system based on optimized SVM using M-FOA
Pages: 644-650  
Indian telecommunication industry at cliff’s edge after new entrant of reliance jio time for consolidation and network up gradation
Pages: 651-655  
Unethical medical practices and law: An effort to expose the corruption in medical field
Pages: 656-660  
An analysis on the view of Kant and ayer regarding synthetic-analytic distinction
Pages: 661-663  
The menace of ragging in educational institutes: A human right perspective
Pages: 664-667  
Initiating equality and equity of opportunities in society with reference to historical Urdu literature
Pages: 668-671  
Emulating values through co-curricular activities
Pages: 672-673  
Household infrastructures and amenities in Mizoram: A regional analysis
Pages: 674-677  
Harvesting policy and stability analysis of a food chain model
Pages: 678-682  
Impact of self-esteem and achievement motivation on career salience among graduate women
Pages: 683-685  
A study of self- esteem, perceived stress and academic performance among adolescents
Pages: 686-688  
Instruction of youngsters with incapacities in India: Concern and approaches
Pages: 689-692  
Role of micro financing in development of rural areas of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Pages: 693-695  
Social entrepreneurship: An emerging trend in business
Pages: 696-699  
Women empowerment
Pages: 700-703  
Serum magnesium and uric acid levels in strokes: A way of reduce the risk
Pages: 704-706  
A study on social media apps and their effects on society
Pages: 707-712  
Study of educational interest of IXth class students in relation to school environment
Pages: 713-714  
Ethnomedicinal investigation of some sacred plants species in Dhule district Maharashtra
Pages: 715-716  
The constitution of India and social justice: An analysis
Pages: 717-720  
Screening of Citrobacter sp. for fibrinolytic protease production isolated from River Narmada
Pages: 721-725  
Crude oil import of India from its major oil trade partner countries: An empirical evidence using panel data analysis
Pages: 726-735  
Oxford movement: Religious movement in Literature
Pages: 736-738  
Factors affecting for changing consumer behavior from milk blended tea to go for green tea in NCR region: A factor analysis approach
Pages: 739-744  
Socio-political issues in a limited frame: A study of the select short films of Mira Nair
Pages: 745-748  
A new disability in India: Acid attack victims
Pages: 749-751  
Survey of improved domain specific software bug triage using data reduction methods
Pages: 752-756  
Study of emotional intelligence among high school teachers
Pages: 757-760  
Sericulture play key role to employment generation and socio-economic empowerment of tribal women
Pages: 761-768  
Experimental investigation of heat transfer by using pin fin of different materials in forced convection
Pages: 769-772  
Time history analysis of asymmetric three: Dimensional building frames structure
Pages: 773-778  
Educational ideals and contributions of Rabindranath Tagore
Pages: 779-781  
A conceptual framework of the trade union movement in India
Pages: 782-787  
Induction of women in the combatant ranks in the armed forces: Socio-legal issues and challenges
Pages: 788-792  
Role of waste pickers in reducing waste& conserving environment of Jammu city: An empirical study
Pages: 793-796  
Evaluation of attitude of customers towards plastic money post demonetization
Pages: 797-799  
Going beyond the narrative: Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey as a modern text
Pages: 800-802  
स्वच्छ भारत अभियान में अलवर जिले की भूमिका
Pages: 803-808  
Variation of Maithili: A vital issue of script unification
Pages: 809-811  
Impact of counseling session in distance education
Pages: 812-816  
Trend of internet marketing in India
Pages: 817-821  
A study of attitude towards teaching of male and female secondary school teachers of district Pulwama
Pages: 822-825  
Study and analysis of different information and resource protection methods in communication networks
Pages: 826-830  
A study of non: Performing assets of commercial banks in India
Pages: 831-833  
Bharatiya Jana Sangh: A brief review
Pages: 834-836  
Parent-child relationship and self-concept of adolescent students with visually impaired
Pages: 837-840  
Electoral performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 1999 parliamentary election: Alliance politics
Pages: 841-846  
संत साहित्य में लोक कल्याण
Pages: 847-849  
Increasing cyber crime and related laws in India
Pages: 850-853  
सांप्रदायिकता का दंश और ‘छाको की वापसी’
Pages: 854-856  
दलित कहानियों में चित्रित अस्मिता का संघर्ष
Pages: 857-858  
Evolution of Persian language & Arab encounter
Pages: 859-861  
Hindu personal law and conflicts in legitimacy: A social perspective
Pages: 862-869  
Challenges and opportunities in commerce education in India
Pages: 870-872  
प्राचीन भारत में रसायन शिक्षा (1500 ई. पू. से 600 ई. पू.)
Pages: 873-875  
Benefits of E-learning in education and distance learning
Pages: 876-879  
Scope in commerce education
Pages: 880-881  
Women entrepreneurship development in India
Pages: 882-883  
Nature and characteristics of Indian federalism
Pages: 884-887  
Role of khap panchayt
Pages: 888-895  
Investigating the idea of legitimacy in the moves by the main characters in the Sacha Guitry’s Play, Villa for sale
Pages: 896-898  
Pollution in an industrial town Mandi Govindgarh
Pages: 899-900  
Improvement in brake thermal efficiency of direct compression ignition engine by adding nano-particles
Pages: 901-903  
Measuring service quality gap in Bajaj Allianz life insurance Company
Pages: 904-909  
Partition Pains: Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakisthan and Atin Bandyopadhyay's 'Nilkantho Pakhir Khoje' in Perspective
Pages: 910-911  
Efficacy of intensive and extensive interval training on leg strength of physical education students of Annamalai University
Pages: 912-914  
साहित्य की स्त्री दृष्टि : ‘इदन्नमम’ उपन्यास के संदर्भ में
Pages: 915-916  
भारत में बाल कल्याण से संबंधित प्रावधान : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 917-920  
A conceptual study on the status and legal provisions of un-organized sector in India
Pages: 921-925  
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